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You send us a photo which is going to be turned into a portrait
Our artist creates a digital portrait from your photo on iPad Pro by hand within 6-8 working hours
Your wonderful portrait will be transferred to the German 'Botticelli' Top-canvas
Express shipping from Germany is available to 23 EU countries, Switzerland, UK & other countries
as per request

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Полноценный отзыв
Make great presentations, longreads, and landing pages, as well as photo stories, blogs, lookbooks, and all other kinds of content oriented projects.



Hi, my name is Mila! I have been creating wonderful portraits on canvas for 7 years and now I am going to tell you my story of success. I believe that my history will inspire other painters and people to expand their consciousness and change the way they understand art.

Art used to be my hobby. Fortunately, I could set up a business without giving up my hobby.

Our Team

Express delivery from Germany to 23 EU-countries, Switzerland & UK

High-quality package
Before being dispatched the painting is carefully wrapped in a high-quality parcel.
Quick and on time delivery
We deliver on time or for free. We know how important it is to receive a present on a planned date.
To your door
Your gift will be delivered by DHL courier to your door. No need to leave your home.


How are the orders proceeded by
After receiving your photo and prepayment for the digital sketch, we will carefully prepare the sketch in a digital format and send it to you for changing some details. In this way, we can guarantee that you will be satisfied with the portrait that will be transferred to the canvas at the end.

🎨 For the digital sketch our designer needs about 2-3 working days
🎨 After the final approval and the full payment, the portrait will be completed within 2-3 working days and sent to the address you require
🚚 The delivery time is usually 3-7 working days
Do you deliver portraits to my country?
We deliver paintings by post and DHL to:

🇩🇪 Germany,
🇦🇹 Austria,
🇱🇺 Luxembourg,
🇫🇷 France,
🇧🇪 Belgium and
🇳🇱 Netherlands and 
 other 🇪🇺-countries

Delivery costs range from 4.99 to 9.99 € and depends on the size of the picture and the country of delivery.

Delivery period is 2-5 business days after pictures production.
6 main tips for the best portrait creation
If you want your portrait to be best of the best, we highly recommend to explain the artist as much wishes and details for your future portrait, as you can!
We have worked out a list of common questions which help our artists to create a perfect portrait:

  1. Wishes for a background (a certain color, certain tones, interior, blurred abstraction, nature, flowers, at the discretion of the designer, or leave unchanged)
  2. Portrait with the faces only or in full size?
  3. The accurate color of the eyes and hair of all people in the picture, as it is not always possible to distinguish between brown and dark-green eyes, if the quality of the photo is bad
  4. If you have any wishes for the location of people and objects (e.g. husband and wife together, children in the middle etc.) when drawing a layout from different photos - we will also be very thankful for such details! It is better to find it out beforehand.
  5. Any comments on appearance (for example, changing the length or color of hair, removing wrinkles, etc.)
  6. An example of our work that you liked - if you are really inspired by some works, please, try to send it to us before the process of painting, as the artist needs it beforehand.
We are eager to create a cool portrait for you and hope for a two-way communication!
I do not want a portrait on canvas, may I order a digital portrait?
We can provide you a painted portrait in electronic format (without printing on canvas).
The cost of hand digital painting of a picture up to 2 people is
75 euro.

For each additional person in the photo we charge + 10 euro.

Picture resolution is very high, so the picture can be printed on any material (for example, photo paper).

Do you like this option?
What should I do if my package is spoilt while shipping?
Be sure, we always try to solve these problems as soon as possible. Please check your package for visible damage at the time of acceptance. With your signature, you confirm the carrier that you have received the package in perfect condition and that you are satisfied with its quality.

If the parcel is damaged outside, it is better to refuse the acceptance or accept the parcel only after consulting with the support of the carrier. If your portraits are damaged or if you find out other defects, please take a photo of them and send the photos by e-mail to

A return of the goods by post is rarely necessary and will be organized by us.
Please do not send the goods back to us under any circumstances.
How should I choose a photo for a portrait?
We are happy to help you.

If you are unsure about the photo for a portrait, we will be happy to advise you on all options. While taking a photo, pay attention to reflections in the frame or annoying edges.

We are ready to get several photos, so we will be able to choose a suitable photo for the portrait together.

Keep In touch!
I do not have a photo with all family members. Could draw one portrait from several photos?
Yes! Yes! Yes! We will be happy to create a unique memory for you from several photos without any loss of quality. Up to 30 faces are possible! During your order you always have the possibility to upload all photos quickly and to inform us of all wishes in a special online-form.
Can send the portrait to my relative/friend as a present?
If you order a portrait as a gift, we can also send it to the address of the recipient.

Therefore, the delivery address may differ from the billing address of the customer.

In this case, please also indicate the accurate name and correct surname of the recipient.